DIY Fulfillment

DIY Fulfillment and Custom programs

DIY Fulfillment and Custom programs

The ability to custom design programs to meet an individual client's current and future needs can be yours with eDist Logistics' DIY fulfillment solutions.

DIY has become an increasingly popular solution for consumers and businesses, who are seeking an alternative to the traditional "One Size Fits All" approach.

eDist Logistics DIY Fulfillment

eDist offers complete, turnkey DIY programs built to meet the exact specifications of clients, both large and small. These made-to-order DIY Kits cover everything from research, to stocking the product, packaging design, and product promotion and fulfillment.

Businesses have found that DIY Kits are an excellent way to cut production time and expense by reducing the need for sorting and identifying before shipping product to a customer. DIY Kits can also enhance a company's sales initiatives, direct marketing campaigns and educational efforts. The Kits are also ideal for giveaways at trade shows.

eDist Logistics is well positioned to provide DIY fulfillment solutions quickly, efficiently and safely. Our warehouses are strategically located to serve every region of the country and eDist also has a facility in Ontario for our Canadian clients. Some warehouses are climate controlled, and they are all fully stocked and offer same-day shipping, with most deliveries received in one to two business days.

You can use our Web order entry system and shipping automation solutions to replenish your inventory of products or if you prefer, eDist can handle your warehousing, shipping each product or software to you, as needed.

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