Physical/Digital Fulfillment

Located throughout the US, and in Canada

Everyone loves options and eDist is happy to be able to give our clients options when it comes to shipping and fulfillment, which is why we offer different fulfillment methods to suit you and your clients' needs.

eDist Logistics Fulfillment

eDist Logistics has multiple physical fulfillment centers throughout the US and a dedicated fulfillment center for our Canadian partners. In addition to physical fulfillment, we can also offer Cloud-based delivery on many of your products. This allows us to provide all our clients with fulfillment options.

No matter where you are located in North America, there is an eDist Logistics fulfillment center in range so you can rest assured that your products would get to you or your customers quickly, efficiently and safely.

Don't have your own warehouse?

If you don't have a warehouse of your own and you need eDist to store and ship your products to your clients, we offer that service as well. If your product requires storage in a climate-controlled environment, eDist Logistics has you covered. No need to worry about anything happening to your products when you store them with us. eDist Logistics can save you time and money by storing and shipping products for you and we can ensure that the products you want will get to you or your customers safely and quickly from our strategically placed locations.

Physical/Digital Fulfillment

Cloud-based fulfillment

Look to the Cloud

Another option eDist Logistics offers to our clients is the latest in Cloud-based fulfillment services, which offers a more efficient and cost effective delivery than shipping for specific types of technology. eDist uses the Cloud as a means of getting certain types of products, like product manuals, software and software upgrades, journals, teaching tools, updates, and more, to you or your customers instantly! You place the order and we send the product digitally and instantly. It's another way to provide delivery for your specific suite of digital solutions.

eDist Logistics has gained a stellar reputation with our partners because we offer the most cost effective and productive fulfillment solutions.

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