Online Ordering

Online Ordering

See What's In Stock As You Order!

Online Ordering with Visibility of Inventory Levels

Online ordering is the fastest and most efficient way to place orders in our technology–driven world. The largest retailers and wholesalers know that online ordering is the way to reach busy consumers. eDist Logistics takes the online order process for the reseller to the next level by making your online inventory as transparent as possible. With that transparency comes the easiest way for you to order the products you need to build and expand your
product line – all at your fingertips.

Online Ordering
eDist Logistics Fullfillment

How is eDist Logistics different from other fulfillment services, you might ask? The answer is simple.

When you log in to your easy web order entry page, you'll find the complete line of your products. What you'll also see is how many of each of those products is in stock in our fulfillment centers at the time you're placing the order. eDist Logistics wants to ensure that you get the products you need when you need them so they've made it easy for you to see exactly what's in stock using a simple inventory process.

Need to replenish stock?

If you need to replenish stock at our warehouses, you have the current inventory levels in the window. No surprises, no backorders, and no wondering how much stock you have on hand.

Online ordering through eDist Logistics easy web order entry system is convenient, simple, and transparent. Your entire account is available for you to view 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and, unlike a brick-and-mortar store or a paper catalog–based company, we're always open and ready to take your order. Making the move away from catalogs means we're not only helping the planet by reducing the amount of paper we use, we are also eliminating surprises by showing you what we have in stock and how long it will take to reach you.

Online ordering

At eDist Logistics, we are constantly striving for ways to support our clients and make it easier for you to do business. Its just one more way that eDist Business is demonstrating our commitment to the highest standard of customer service.

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